Stamp Seals from the Southern Levant Final Conference

After four and a half years of cooperative work generously funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, “Stamp Seals from the Southern Levant: A Multi-Faceted Prism for Studying Entangled Histories in an Interdisciplinary Perspective” (SSSL), a collaborative project of the universities of Bern, Tel Aviv, and Zurich, is coming to an end. This has been an engaging journey on many levels, from science and scholarship to teamwork and friendship. We would like to mark the moment by inviting you to our Final Conference, to be held on May 31 and June 1.

Day 1 (May 31) will be fully online, the main purpose being to introduce interested colleagues to the digital Corpus of Stamp Seals from the Southern Levant (CSSL). There will be two sessions with breakout opportunities in different languages to allow colleagues from East and West to participate.

Day 2 (June 1), organized jointly with the Swiss Society of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, will be in-person only (Zurich). We are glad to welcome Dr. Daphna Ben-Tor (Jerusalem) as our keynote speaker. Staff members of SSSL will share results from their various sub-projects, dealing with different facets of stamp seals research.

Please visit for the full program of the conference.

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31 מאי 2024 - 01 יונ 2024


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Day 1 on Zoom
Day 1 on Zoom
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